Chris AA

Born in 1976.

At the age of 15 his neighbour took him to a house-party; the love for electronic music was born. A year later he bought two record players and started mixing records. Two years later he helped a friend with giving a gabber-party.

Right away he was hooked on giving party’s: the perfect combination of creativity and technology.

From this party P.L.U.T.O. was born. With P.L.U.T.O. they were giving kind of underground party’s with artists like the Acid Junkies and Unit Moebius.

During this period a new type of love started to grow: acid music.(Because there ain’t a better sound; with it’s pounding 909, grooving 808 and of course it’s screaming 303).After a few years of doing P.L.U.T.O.-party’s, they decided to move on and split up.

When that same year some guys wanted to start an underground acid sound system, he joined them and Acid Anonymous was a fact. With A.A. they mainly focused on giving ‘illegal’ underground acid tekno party’s.

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