Acid Anonymous Soundsystem

Acid Anonymous was founded in 1998.

The main activity of our organization was giving underground techno parties in the Netherlands, England, Czech, France and Germany.

The goal of these parties was: Creating a nice environment in which people could encounter things they haven’t seen or heard before. This goal was reached because of the creative people that were able to create an industrial orientated environment, that excited of: industrial decoration, good DJ’s, good VJ’s, quality sound and good lightning engineers.

These day’s the professionality has grown so much that the people of Acid Anonymous are involved in well known events, like:

  •  Creamfields
  •  FFWD (street parade Rotterdam)
  •  Legalize (street parade Amsterdam)
  •  Sweet Vibes
  •  Lowlands
  •  Hemkade 48 parties (well known Dutch club, mainly hardcore)
  •  Mokum Reunion (big party from the Amsterdam based Mokum label)
  •  Rasta Plas Zoetermeer
  • Raveland

At the moment, Acid Anonymous artists are mainly active outside of the Netherlands. In Belgium, France, Czech, Austria, Germany and Italy you can see our people on a regular basis.